Nation und Geschlecht. Frauen in Serbien von der Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts bis zum Zweiten Weltkrieg


This dissertation offers a presentation and analysis of the fields of action of Serbian women. It focuses on women’s education, the involvement of women in socially charitable and patriotic women’s associations, as well as their participation in the „liberation wars“ conducted between 1876 and 1918. The problem area of nation and gender is almost completely unprocessed for Serbia. The present study addresses the following questions: How did Serbians participate in the process of nation-nation and nation-state formation? Which femininity and masculinity images were used in the nation building process? In what ways did they participate in the wars and support the military? How did the „Great War“ affect the gender order in Serbia or Yugoslavia? Since the main political, cultural and economic processes of change in the 19th and 20th centuries have taken place in the bourgeois society of cities, this presentation also focuses on the urban space and its inhabitants. The peasant-rural women’s life is touched only briefly. The work focuses on the female group-building process that took place within a narrow middle-class stratum. In the Western European countries, the first women’s associations emerged at the end of the 18th or the beginning of the 19th century. Serbia, whose population was largely ignorant of reading and writing and lived from a rural subsistence economy, followed with a delay of several decades. Around 1900, a dense network of various women’s associations was to be found in all these countries. Early 20th In the 19th century, the number of women ‘s associations in an umbrella organization also increased in Serbia. This federation joined the international women’s organizations.



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Godina izdanja 2013
Autor Svetlana Stefanović
Izdavač University of Leipzig, Leipzig
Publikacija Doktorska disertacija
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