Humanitarian and patriotic work of female societies is worthy of the heritage of Serbian history, but their goals and results are yet to be considered. The social engagement and awareness of the individual role in the progress of the entire society was quite high, especially amongst the Serbian women. A great number of benefactors, funders and legators among these women is a vivid proof. The board of women of „Knjeginja Ljubica“ was merely one of numerous female societies created in the Kingdom of Serbia, which also lasted through the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. None of these societies managed to survive in the new, socialist Yugoslavia, despite their humanitarian goals. The fight for every individual, abandoned child, orphan, those wounded, crippled and ill was the main task of women gathered in these societies. Immense amount of material and financial aid that they had managed to collect always ended up in the right hands. The example of these women, who put the lives, happiness and safety of those weaker first, remains a shining lesson of Serbian history.


Published in Beograd
Year of publication 2015
Author Jasmina Milanović
Publisher Institut za savremenu istoriju
Publication Istorija 20. veka (časopis)
Pages 23 - 33
  • humanitarian work
  • The board of women „Kneginja Ljubica“
  • Deligrad
  • Mileva Milka Vulović
  • Štimlje

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