Mabel Grujić i Delfa Ivanić, dobročiniteljke srpskog naroda


The article reviles the role of the two dames which were active in humanitarian work, helping the Serbian nation during the Balkan Wars 1912-1913 and the First World War. Those were Delfa Ivanic, the Serbian,and Mabel Grujic. Most of their work was financial and material aid. Mrs. Grujic was active in propaganda efforts of the Serbian struggle, as well ascollecting the money, cloth and other material which she gathered andsend to Serbia. Mrs. Ivanic was active as nurse, and also in organizing thewar-hospitals of the charity organization Kolo srpskih sestara. They bothwere engaged in establishing of the homes for the orphans, the Serbian children which lost their parents in war. The author stresses their activitiesas the noble example of the humanity and sacrifice, resulted in many savedlives during the course of the wars.


Published in Beograd
Year of publication 2014
Author Jasmina Milanović
Publisher Institut za savremenu istoriju
Publication Istorija 20. veka (časopis)
Pages 9 - 26
  • Balkan Wars
  • Delfa Ivanić
  • Kolo srpskih sestara
  • Mabel Grujić
  • World War One

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